Thursday, November 20, 2014

Speak Blessings

Yesterday, while talking to my dad, he shared a list of qualities he saw in me over 22 years ago. Yet, it was the first time I heard this list.

Apparently when Brent had asked for permission to marry me, Brent was told these things as a prelude to the infamous, "if you ever hurt her, I'll hurt you." 

I asked my dad to bless me and tell me what he had said. He went on to share some things I knew my he felt about me, but others...I had no idea. I was truly blessed and will hold these words so close to my heart.

Less than an hour later, a dear couple was telling me about how they feel about my two girls. I immediately said, "Tell them!" After experiencing the joy of hearing words which edified me, I didn't want words left unsaid to those who would be most blessed by them.

You see, it's absolutely fantastic to tell others about the admirable qualities in another, but it so incredibly powerful to speak those same words to the one they are about.

It's in your power to BLESS!