Thursday, August 29, 2013

5 Steps to Pin from Facebook to Pinterest

5 Steps to Pin from Facebook to Pinterest 5 steps to Pin from Facebook to Pinterest
It can be done! can point the pin back to the photo on Facebook with description and comments!

Step 1: In Pinterest, click on the button in the top right hand corner that allows you to add a pin. Choose upload a pin.

Step 2: Choose the image from your computer you want to pin. (Etiquette is that you only pin your own images, not those from someone else's Facebook page. - If you really want their picture pinned, share this page with them!)

Step 3: Select the Pin Board you want to pin to and also write a catchy description and Pin it.

Step 4: Hop over to your Facebook page and in your photo album, click on the picture you want to pin and it will bring up a screen with the picture, your description and any comments made. Copy the URL.

Step 5: Find the pin you just created. Click the little pencil to edit your pin. Here you can change the Pin Board, description AND you can add a source for the pin. Paste the URL into the source field. Save changes.


Here's a link to the Pin created in this blog post:

Happy pinning!



  1. It's like you read my mind...

    1. LOL! You probably saw the same pin I did and wondered how it was done :) either that or great minds do think alike ;)



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