Thursday, September 12, 2013

A ReFreshing Difference - An Essential Oil Blend for Deodorizing and More!

A ReFreshing Difference - An Essential Oil Blend for Deodorizing and More! ReFresh by Dawn Gray (

When Dawn from The GRAY Area sent me this bottle of a ReFresh that she needed testing, I was thrilled, but admittedly didn't know what to do with it! You see, back in May I won a giveaway she had on Facebook, which was a bottle of her Stinky Feet No More Spray (link HERE).
This stuff was genius on my stinky flip flops! But, that's all I knew to do with it. So I asked her and she said anywhere for deodorizing or cleaning. Well, I went to town (as we say where I'm from). I sprayed not only my shoes, but anything that stood still long enough. Even myself!

Here was my run down to her:
So I used ReFresh in several ways today. (Mixed 20 drops of concentrate in spray bottle with witch hazel) 
1. My stinky flip flops that I won't throw away bc I can find them in stores anymore  still testing them to see how it compares with Purify. 
2. Stinky trash (we had chicken yuck in it and I forgot!) sprayed the air and can. Poof! All better! 
3. Diffused at my computer while working. Loved it!! I usually can't keep it plugged in (aroma2go) bc I'm real sensitive to smells, but I was able to leave it in all afternoon! 
4. Deodorant.  this is still a struggle for me. The only thing I've found that really works is the baking soda version but it causes bad irritation and pain.  
5. As febreeze on the stinky underarms blouse. Covered, but didn't dispel. It was like cilantro with a hint of BO. 
I'm such a stinky person it seems!
She was excited with my findings, but told me to wash my blouse and take a bath. LOL!

Since then, we've used it in Miss Harmony's room when Merry's stomach was upset and in Miss Diligence's room when Merry decided to "leave a present." That sweet innocent looking pup can certainly leave a stink.

I've also used to ReFresh closets and around the house because I just enjoy the smell so much! Remember, I mixed it with unscented Witch Hazel, not vinegar as she does for her cleaning spray. That's why I can use it as a deodorizer and enjoy the pleasantness of it!

So, run, don't walk over to Dawn's post on ReFresh and grab that recipe (HERE)! It's definitely one to go in your Essential Oil Journal AND to use (a lot if you're like me!).

Purchase Labels for ReFresh HERE

For an Essential Oil Journal, I use a SmashBook as seen HERE.

If you are interested in purchasing a sheet of untitled labels like you see in the picture above, you can click HERE.


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